Day 738: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 738: Best/Worst of the Week

Turkey Trot fun!

Here’s the worst and best of the week!

1. I ate way too much food this week.
2. My gas cap was frozen shut when I needed gas. A nice man helped me, though!
3. My skin has been itchy and dry lately.
4. A bug crawled on my computer monitor and I freaked out a bit!
5. The violent protests in Ferguson and elsewhere in the county.

1. I went out for Black Wednesday with Scott and Ray.
2. I spent Thanksgiving with my family.
3. Scott and I walked the Turkey Trot even though it was cold!
4. We had an early birthday dinner for my mom at McCormick and Schmick’s.
5. I played Trivial Pursuit with family.

I had a good Thanksgiving week! Hope yours was great, too.


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