Day 747: Brrr Snow and Cold

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 747: Brrr Snow and Cold

On the train to Chicago… what a cold day!

Why, hello there! The beginning of January was nice for me. I didn’t have to work again until January 5, so I ran a lot of errands, slept in, and was able to relax! Now it’s back to reality. But wow, it’s been pretty darn cold lately. Last week was awful with negative temperatures and it hurt to be outside. As you can see from the photo and caption above, I traveled to Chicago one day last week for a class and took the train. That isn’t the greatest photo, but you get the idea! Luckily my walk in Chicago only took 2 minutes, but it was still horrible with the wind! To keep the train track switches working, there were lots of little fires actually on the tracks. It kind of freaked me out at first! I tried getting a photo, but it didn’t work.

I never wrote about New Years! Scott and I dressed up and went out for a very nice dinner. They had a champagne special, so I had a few glasses. I sort of forget that I actually like champagne since I only have it once a year. We then rang in the new year back at our house. It was a nice and relaxing night. Happy 2015! Time is really flying.

Let’s see… what else is new? I went to Dave and Buster’s recently with Scott and my brother. It was fun! I haven’t been there in a while. I won the bonus on two arcade games, which gave me around 500 tickets. That was awesome! I went home with a set of glasses shaped like footballs. Maybe I can use them at a party sometime? We’ll see!

Stay warm!


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