Day 754: Square

Rachel, Day by Day

February 2015 Photo a Day: Day 5

Day 754: Square

Mark Grace autograph.

It’s harder to take a photo of a square than you think! I mean, I saw a lot of things with a square shape today, but most were pretty boring. So, here’s my Mark Grace autographed baseball in a square-shaped box. I think I bought this in the early 2000s at a Cubs Convention. I haven’t actually met him, but he was one of my favorite players at the time. He was a first baseman for a really long time with the Cubs, for most of my childhood! And when we shared season tickets, I got to see and cheer for him all the time. I miss going to Wrigley Field a lot; I wish I could afford season tickets! Anyone want to buy me season tickets for my birthday? Go Cubs!

In other news, I bought a really cool thing recently. It’s called an Eyefi Mobi SD card. It’s a wifi-enabled SD card I put in my digital camera. I connected it to my phone, kindle, and laptop yesterday. Basically when I’m in an area with wifi and I take a photo with my digital camera, the photo will automatically be sent to one of the three devices I just mentioned. Pretty cool, huh? For example, if I’m on vacation and want to post a photo on Facebook, I can post a high-quality photo from my digital camera! I think it’s pretty awesome.

Have a pleasant Thursday night!


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