Day 763: Heart

Rachel, Day by Day

February 2015 Photo a Day: Day 14

Day 763: Heart

Mmmm, cookie!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s picture had to be of a heart. Makes sense. This is a photo of a heart cookie I made for Scott. The cookie was supposed to be in the shape of a heart, but that didn’t work out so well. But, the icing is a lot better! I also made him some French macarons from scratch. They are very complicated to make! But, they turned out well. These cookies are delicious; I love chocolate chip!

My day has been great! It’s been a very relaxing day for the most part. Scott and I went out to dinner tonight to 100 South Chop House and Grill; it was delicious. I ate some Mahi Mahi and clam chowder soup…mmmmm. Yummy. I also had a lemon drop martini that tasted really good. We then later went to Flight 112 for some wine; it looks like a very hip wine bar. I felt pretty cool being in there. I would go back! It’s been a nice night, except for the crazy cold weather!

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, if you are single or with someone. I used to hate this holiday when I was single, but it isn’t always about having a significant other. You can have a nice, happy day with friends and family!

Goodnight, all!


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