Day 767: Magic

Rachel, Day by Day

February 2015 Photo a Day: Day 18

Day 767: Magic

He can fly!

Isn’t this photo the most magical thing you’ve ever seen? After work today, I happened to see my brother, Ray, flying above the driveway. Look at how amazing that is! Besides being cold, he looks so happy floating off the ground. I wish I could do that. This is something you don’t see everyday, so this is a beyond average blog post. It’s magic!

Brrr, it’s cold outside! On the plus side, it’s National Wine Day. So, I celebrated with a glass of wine at dinner. I am also participating in Lent, so I only had one meal today. For Lent, I am giving up goldfish crackers. I’ve been eating them a lot lately, so this is going to be a tough one. I eat them as a snack at work and then again when I get home. These next 40 days might be rough!

Stay warm!


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