About the Writer

This is me.

Day 545: Self-Portrait (Challenge Day 30)

My name is Rachel and I’m the writer for this blog.  I like to write about things that I do in my life, random thoughts, random feelings, random rants, and so on.  I might write a stream of consciousness at times or whatever happens to pop in my head at any given moment.  Whether you think they are interesting or not, I will still write them.

Let’s see, shall we.  What else do you want to know about me?  I feel stuck between being an adult and acting like an immature young human being.  I feel as if I’m mature when I need to be and silly when I want to be and think it’s appropriate.  I like bunnies, going on walks, nice sunny days, my pillow, driving through many green lights in a row and not having to stop at red lights, food and trying new recipes, daydreaming, randomly dancing wherever I am, listening to music, hiding from people and trying to randomly surprise them or scare them, saying things that don’t make sense to confuse people, laughing, laughing so much that I tear up, my wonderful friends and wonderful family members, my husband and kid, and so on.

I’m a sister, cousin, photographer, granddaughter, editor, writer, niece, daughter, wife, mother, dreamer, traveler, musician, lover, friend, and much more.

I don’t like corn or ketchup.  And combined would be really gross, too.


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