Day 787: Trip to Dallas

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 787: Trip to Dallas

A beautiful view of Dallas!

Back in May, I went on a work trip to Dallas! It was a fun and educational time. This photo above is the view from my hotel (the Dallas Omni). It was a beautiful hotel and was actually a green one. Basically my room didn’t have power until I put the key in a slot near the door. It was neat! There was even a TV in the mirror in the bathroom. Fancy!

Throughout the week I met some really nice members of STLE and it was great getting to know the people I worked with on the magazine. I also worked at the Information Booth, went to lots of meetings, and attended some important dinners. I even sat in on the Basic Lubrication Course.

One night I was able to walk to the Book Depository with a few editors (where John F. Kennedy was shot). I’ve been there before, but it was still sad, yet interesting. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the cross on the road where he was shot, but oh well.

Day 787: Trip to Dallas

The Dallas Book Depository.

The main floor of the Annual Meeting.

The main floor of the Annual Meeting.

One evening, I was able to go to an event at Southfork Ranch! That’s where they filmed the show Dallas. We got a tour of the grounds, ate a nice dinner, and played some games. I even got on a fake horse and roped a fake cow! I never thought I’d do that in my life. It was a fun night.

The house from the show Dallas!

The house from the show Dallas!

It was a good time and was a nice little getaway! Next year’s Annual Meeting will be in Las Vegas… I’m looking forward to that!


Day 786: Mother’s Day

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 786: Mother's Day

Happy belated Mother’s Day! Above is a silly photo of my mom, Ray, and me. We decided to do the hip pop thing… I never thought I was good at that! I like how it turned out, though. Ray and I got my mom some gifts and we took her out to dinner to Rock Bottom Brewery. At that restaurant, they gave every mother a flower, so that was nice. I hope she had a good day!

As a mother, what is more appealing on the day… spending the entire day with your kids or being left alone most of the day? I watched an episode of The Middle where the mom wanted to be left alone. Would you agree with that? I know it’s a show, but maybe most moms feel that way! It probably depends on how old your child is… terrible twos are different from the 20s. I miss the days when we’d work on Mother’s Day craft projects in school. Maybe I could still make her a picture frame out of macaroni.

Have a lovely day!

Day 785: Second Anniversary

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 785: Second Anniversary

Celebrating our second anniversary!

Hello there! Happy Sunday to all of you reading this. I am extremely behind and definitely need to catch up. This post is from our anniversary back in April! Yikes, I’m almost two months behind. My bad.

So back in April, Scott and I celebrated our two year anniversary! We spent the weekend in Chicago and had a blast. On Friday night, we walked around the city and stopped at an awesome view of the city by the planetarium. Here it is for you!

Day 785: Second Anniversary

We ate dinner at Rockit and had drinks at an Irish pub nearby. It was a nice, relaxing night! On Saturday, we went to the Shedd Aquarium. I haven’t been there since my prom in 2004, so it’s been a while! We saw some cool fish, went to a 3D show, got to see some adorable penguins, and much more! I am in love with penguins, so I took a ton of photos. Here’s one for you.

Day 785: Second Anniversary

He’s looking at me!

After the aquarium, we stopped at the Field Museum for some fun. There are a lot of cool historical artifacts in there; it’s really amazing! There’s so much history in our world and it was neat getting a glimpse of some of it.

Day 785: Second Anniversary

The Field Museum.

For dinner on Saturday night, Scott and I went to Hub 51, a nice and trendy restaurant. I ate some really good ahi tuna. It was packed in the restaurant, too! They had a giant screen in front of us showing the Blackhawks game, so that was awesome. After dinner, we wandered around to a few different bars so we could watch the rest of the game! We ended the night having a drink at Harry Caray’s Restaurant. The River North section of Chicago is great! There are some many restaurants and bars. I highly recommend it!

It was a great weekend with the hubby!

Day 784: Amazing Grace

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 784: Amazing Grace

Yikes, I am two months behind!! I was able to visit beautiful Grace a few months ago… I should really visit again soon! Look at how adorable she is (see above)! She was a little hesitant with me at first, but warmed up to me after a while. I was able to make her giggle; her laugh is so cute! If you are reading this Christina, I want to visit again soon! She probably changed a lot since the last time I saw her.

It was great seeing Christina, too! We went out to Olive Garden. I got to see Melissa and Brittany recently, too. We went out to dinner at the Bolingbrook Promenade. I miss these ladies and hope to see them more often!

I’m writing this post between periods during the Blackhawks game. Tonight is Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Championship! I’m nervous and excited. GO BLACKHAWKS!!

Day 783: Guster Concert

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 783: Guster Concert

Hello again! Back in April, I went to a Guster concert with my Uncle John and Scott. It was a great time! We went to the Riviera in Chicago to see them. The last time I went to one of their concerts was in 2007, so it’s been a while. They still sound awesome! It was cool being able to sing along with them. They really do sound amazing live. It was packed in there, too! They sang a lot of my old favorites and some of their newer music, too. We might have been the only three people in Guster t-shirts, but I don’t care. We have Guster pride! I hope they come back to Chicago soon… I’d go to another concert! They were pretty funny and told a few jokes between songs. Good times!

On our way home, we drove down Lake Shore Drive. It was a beautiful night to see the city! I love that road. I kept thinking about all the Cubs games I went to as a little kid and we’d drive home on Lake Shore at night. I loved looking out the window at the lights back then, and I still do now! Chicago is a beautiful city.

Speaking of Chicago, right now I’m proud of the Blackhawks and Cubs! And I’ll go knock on wood now.

Have a good evening!

Day 782: Easter

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 782: Easter

Adorable Kendyl and Caden!

Well, sorry. I’m very behind. I’ve done a horrible job at updating my blog all month! My apologies. I hope you forgive me some day.

Ready to hear about Easter? I know it was a while ago. It was a nice weekend! I spent time with Scott and his family. I helped Scott’s mom prepare for Easter and I tried making jello eggs. Unfortunately I need to work on them… they fell apart later. I’m sorry! On Easter day, we went to church in the morning and made it back on time to see Caden and Kendyl (see the cuties above) go on an Easter egg hunt! They looked like they had a good time. We then stopped by Scott’s grandparent’s house for a bit and then to Granny’s house. We ate a nice meal there and got to be outside on a beautiful day! And I got to eat goldfish crackers again since I gave them up for Lent. I’ve been eating them A LOT this month! Mmmm.

Later in the day, I spent time with my family, too! It was a family-filled and fun Easter. I’m a fan of this holiday since that means spring is here! This might be my favorite season… they weather gets warmer and the days get longer!

I’ll try to update more soon!

Day 781: Beer Fest

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 781: Beer Fest

Hello again! Recently I went downtown with family and friends to Union Station for a beer festival! It was a lot of fun. As you can see from the photo above, we got this little mugs and were able to sample lots of different beers. I liked some more than others… and there were some crazy fruity ones, too! I tried an apple pie beer along with a strawberry rhubarb one. They were a bit strange! They had good music playing and later people were even doing the limbo. My mom and I did it! Good times.

After the beer fest, we went to a restaurant called Prime Bar. It was really good! I had a black bean burger… Mmmm. After a long day of drinking beer, we went home and relaxed. It was a fun day!

I’m so excited spring is here now! And the sun stays out longer. Hopefully we are done with the snow now!!

Day 780: Arizona Trip

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 780: Arizona Trip

A beautiful Arizona sunset.

Just a few weeks ago, I went on a little trip to Arizona to visit my cousin Kim and her husband Raymond! I had a blast. I went on the trip with Scott, my mom, Ray, Uncle John, Uncle Paul, and Sydney. We got in very late Wednesday night, so we didn’t do much besides go to bed soon after arriving. On Thursday, we walked around the downtown area of Arizona State University. It was a cool area with bars, restaurants, and shops, so we stopped at an outdoor bar for some appetizers. The mountains around there were gorgeous! Later that evening, we ate some Buffalo Wild Wings and headed to the Coyotes vs. Blackhawks hockey game! The majority of the people there were Blackhawks fans… it was amazing!

Day 780: Arizona Trip

The gang before heading to the Blackhawks game.

Day 780: Arizona Trip

The Blackhawks about to kick butt!

The Blackhawks ended up winning 2-1. They had a lot of shots on goal, so I’m surprised there weren’t more goals! I’m glad they won, though. We then hung out at Kim’s place for a while… Kim and I had some lemon martinis! 🙂

On Friday, we went to the Cubs game at Sloan Park! It was a beautiful day. Sadly the Cubs lost, but at least it’s just Spring Training.

Day 780: Arizona Trip

At Sloan Park with Scott.

Day 780: Arizona Trip

From left to right: Me, my mom, Sydney, and Kim. Go Cubs!

After the game, we went to a restaurant called Oregano’s pizza. It was delicious! We waited a while for a table, so Kim, Sydney, and Ray ended up running through the sprinklers. Silly! We then went to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream and played games at Kim’s house.

On Saturday, I hung out by Kim’s pool with my mom, Sydney, Uncle John, and Kim while the rest of the gang golfed. It was a relaxing afternoon! We dared Sydney to get into the pool even though the water was freezing… and she did it! I tried it, too. Wow, it was cold!

Day 780: Arizona Trip

Sydney in the cold water!

I tried In-N-Out Burger at lunchtime for the first time ever, and it was really good! I haven’t had a hamburger in about six years, so I thought it was time to have one again. Later that evening, we went to Rustler’s Rooste for dinner and I had some really good salmon. The view there was amazing. Here it is!

Day 780: Arizona Trip

Beautiful view of Arizona.

After dinner, we played some games and had lemon martinis for our last night of vacation. Sunday ended up being a really long day full of canceled and delayed flights. We were originally supposed to get home early afternoon, but it ended up being around 9:30 p.m. Yikes!

I had an amazing time with my wonderful family!!

Day 779: Cell Phone Timeline

Rachel, Day by Day

Throughout my lifetime, my family and I have gone through a decent amount of cell phones, and all of them have been very different from each other. I thought I’d go through and explain each type of cell phone I’ve had over the years, since the late 1990s. Yes, there was a time when you couldn’t surf the Internet on your phone!


See the descriptions below that correspond with the cell phone number.

Phone 1. I was in middle school when we got this phone, which had to be between 1997 and 2000. Back then we called it a car phone. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. My mom and dad mostly used it while I would pretend to call people with it. I thought the antenna and the flip thing at the bottom were amazing. I remember asking my dad if I could dial if he was going to call someone. We rarely used this phone since it was for emergencies only. We had this phone for many years, too.

Phone 2. When I was in high school (probably 2000-2002), my mom and dad each got their own phones, which looked like Phone 2 in the photo collage. We had Nokia phones for a while! When we got these phones, my mom and dad used them more often and we stopped calling them emergency and car phones. We basically used these instead of bringing 50 cents everywhere to use a payphone. And we only used them to call and say where we were at the time. Conversations were not very long on phones back then; we didn’t want to use up all of our minutes!

Phone 3. I think this was the first phone I ever got all on my own, instead of borrowing my parents’ phones. Mine might have had an antenna you had to pull up before talking, though. I got this my junior or senior year of high school, in 2003 or 2004. I remember bringing it to a night class for the ACT, and a girl in my class taught me about texting. I had no clue what it was and I didn’t understand it at first. But once she showed me how to do it, I thought it was awesome. We texted each other during the class, and I later found out we got charged maybe 10 cents for each text. I’m glad they are included in phone bills now! I used to keep this phone in my locker in case I needed to call my mom. I then brought it to college and used it most of my first year, between 2004 and 2005. I was behind on the times, though. Most people had flip phones by then.

Phone 4. And speaking of flip phones, I eventually got one in 2005 or 2006! These were extremely popular back then. I thought I looked so cool flipping open my phone to answer it. It had an antenna, too. You had to press the numbers on the keypad to text. Thinking back on that, it took forever compared to texting and typing now. I think I could go on the Internet with this phone, but no one ever did because it was extremely complicated to actually look at websites and things. Plus, it cost money to use it.

Phone 5. This was an upgraded flip phone I probably had from 2006-2008. Not only was there a cool screen when you flipped it open, but there was another screen on the front! And… this was insane at the time… but there was a camera!! I only took a few photos with it since the quality was horrible, but it was fun to have. Those were probably the only newer features compared to Phone 4.

Phone 6. This was a huge upgrade for me and this was probably my favorite phone for years. I had it from approximately 2009-2011. The sliding keyboard was the coolest thing ever at the time, and made texting a lot faster. I still didn’t use the Internet since my phone was technically not a smart one, but I was completely fine with that. Again, I’m usually behind with the times. A lot of people had iPhones at this point.

Phone 7. I got my first real smartphone in 2011 or 2012 and haven’t looked back since. I now use apps and I actually go on the Internet. Can you believe it? There are no buttons, antennas, or things to flip. It’s just a phone with a big touch screen. And I like it. My goal in life is to not be taken over by this phone and not use it 24/7, though. It’s still more fun to have actual conversations with people and go out without using your phone! 🙂

See how cell phones have changed in my lifetime? It’s crazy to think about this, and I’m not even that old. Each new phone had awesome features over the years, and more and more features are added. What new phone will I write about 10 years from now? We shall see.

Day 778: Christina’s Party

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 778: Christina's Party

Prom poses! From left to right: Brittany, Christina, me, and Melissa.

Why, hello there! I’m a bit behind, but a few weeks ago, I went to my friend Christina’s birthday party! She had people over at her house for some drinks, snacks, games, and fun. I had a GREAT time! A bunch of us played a board game called Encore and it was a blast. Essentially you get a random word on a card, and you have to think of songs with that word in it. It’s difficult at times, but fun! And it doesn’t help that I’m bad with lyrics occasionally. It was great chatting with everyone that I haven’t seen in a while. And I’m glad I got to catch up with these wonderful ladies in the photo above. I hope I get to see them more often!

It feels like spring is just around the corner… I love this time of year! The days slowly get longer and the snow starts to melt. The days get warmer, too. What could get any better than that??

Enjoy your Monday night.