Day 302: Candle

Rachel, Day by Day

Here’s the first photo with my new camera! I really do like it. It’s pretty much like my old one, but it has better zoom and more megapixels. Here’s a pretty candle for you. I bought this around Christmas, but you could probably tell since it has reindeer and snowflakes on it. It smells really good. Now I can’t remember the scent, maybe cinnamon and something else? Too bad it’s probably a limited edition. I’d buy this one all the time. I should have stocked up and bought 10. Oh well. I like how it glows in the photo and that there are two different colors. Yay for new cameras and good photos!

I actually watched some American Idol auditions last night. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched the auditions before. They must take a while. You can tell that some people are there just for 5 minutes of fame. And Steven Tyler is basically there to hit on young girls. I do like to sing, but I don’t think I could ever audition for this. I get nervous just singing in front of family members. I think I’d cry a lot on TV just from being nervous. But maybe not. There’s only one way to find out…

I’m not sure why, but my eye has been twitching for two days. Maybe I’ve been staring at a computer screen for too long? Most of my work this week involved using a computer. How do you get rid of this? I hope people don’t think I’m winking at them. That would be a little awkward.


Day 275: Cake

Rachel, Day by Day

I made a funfetti cake for my Uncle John! It was his 50th birthday on the 31st. I do love funfetti cakes and so does he, so it works out! Sorry, I left the plastic wrap on the cake; I should have taken it off for the photo. I think this turned out well, though! I like the sprinkles on top, too. They make it look pretty. I wrote in the letters, too; do they look professional? Haha, probably not. My mom did have to write in the HN! because my hands were shaking and I couldn’t do it anymore! Well, I think it turned out well! Yay funfetti cakes!

I had a great New Years Eve with my family! We went to The Clubhouse restaurant and it was delicious. I tried a flirtini, too, and that tasted great! It had raspberry, cranberry, and pineapple in it. I should try making it sometime. We then hung out at my mom’s house and played games. I’m glad my family likes to play games. My mom and I tried pomegranate lemon drop martinis, but they weren’t that great. So, we make margaritas instead! Those were good. I’m glad I got to spend the new year with my family. Fun times!

So, I usually like to recap my year around this time, and I’ll do that for you now! I know you are wondering, “What was 2010 like for Rachel?” Well, I will tell you shortly.

Let’s see… where should I start? I did more than I thought in 2010. I’m not sure why, but I had a lot of celebrity dreams this year, including Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr., Molly Shannon and Gerard Butler. I was dating most of them too, well not Molly Shannon. She was giving a speech somewhere. Anyway, I wonder what that means.

I went to two states this year: Utah and Michigan. My niece got married in June in Salt Lake City, so my mom, brother, and I went out there. It was great seeing my sisters again and I’m glad we went! We also went to Escanaba, Michigan with my grandpa and Uncle John. We went to the Beach Boys concert, too! It was pretty good and John Stamos was there! It was a very mellow concert compared to other concerts I’ve been to. Not many people stood up or anything, but it was fun to sing along. Good times!

I went to four weddings this year! Kim and Luke got married in May, my niece Sonya and her now husband Hunter got married in June (I wrote about it above), my cousin Bob and Libby got married in July, and Nicole and Tommy got married in October. I’m happy for all of them! Their weddings were very nice, too. Kim’s was at her church in Elmhurst. I used to go there for youth group with her when I was younger! Bob and Libby had the ceremony at a garden and the reception was at Memorial Stadium in Champaign. It was pretty cool! Nicole and Tommy got married at Starved Rock; that place is gorgeous! I want to go back and walk around on some trails.

I bought a Wii this year! That was a bigger purchase for me this year. I’m happy I bought it, though. I don’t play it that much, but I do play it when people come over! I also bought a couch for my new apartment; it’s really nice! It’s green and is that microfiber material. Those are the most expensive things I bought this year.

Speaking of apartments, I moved to a better one this year! It’s bigger, has central air and heat, and has a community pool. I love it! I can’t wait until next year when I can use the pool again!

I audition for Glee and American Idol this year. I didn’t make either of them, but it was a fun experience! Here are the videos if you still want to watch them:
American Idol:

I would have to say my favorite shows of the year are Modern Family, Glee, The Office, and Amazing Race. Here’s a list of movies I saw in the theater this year: Inception, Back to the Future (at an older theater in town), Letters to Juliet, Toy Story 3, Lovely Bones, Legion, Valentine’s Day (do not see this), Iron Man 2, Sex and the City 2, Harry Potter, Easy A, The Other Guys, Scot Pilgrim, and Morning Glory.

My friend, Rohit, had a pretty awesome party this past summer. He rented a trolley and we rode around Chicago stopping at some bars. I liked riding on the trolley; it was fun! We drank and danced around on a trolley. How many people can say they’ve done that? I threw a party for the first time this year at my new apartment. I made some appetizers and ordered pizza. We also played Rock Band and a drinking game. It was a good time! I would definitely throw another party. On Mother’s Day, my mom and I got massages and pedicures. We then went to a Mexican restaurant and drank margaritas. It was fun spending time with my mom and getting pampered!

I finally made it to Taste of Chicago this year and I’ve never been to it before! It was a cool experience. I don’t think I ate much there, but it was fun to just walk around and see everything. It was really crowded, too! I also went to a Cubs game this year and sat in the bleachers. I went with Ray, Soleman, and Anne D. The bleachers are very interesting; there are always lots of people around! It was fun, except for the fact that the Cubs lost. I recently spent a day with Scott in Chicago, too! We walked around a lot and went to the top of Sears Tower. I love Chicago!!

I started taking guitar lessons this year. I’m not really that good, but it takes a while to learn! I’ll keep practicing, though. My cousin, Sydney, was in Beauty and the Beast, the musical, at her school. She was a townswoman and a napkin. It was a good play! She’s a good dancer and singer, too. She had a small solo! Yay, Syd!

I guess I’ll mention the sad parts of 2010. My Uncle Pat died at the end of July, and it was sudden. We were really close, so it’s been a tough time. I don’t think I’ve really accepted it yet. My mom also had hip surgery since she was in a lot of pain before. She is a lot better, though! It was just rough seeing her go through that pain.

I had some visitors this year! Christina and Melissa visited me for a night. We went to Za’s a lot, went out to downtown Champaign, minigolfed, and swam in a pool. It was great spending time with them; it felt like college again! Uncle Paul, Aunt Carol, Sydney, Ray, my mom, Uncle John, and Grandpa visited me, too. Guess what we did? Minigolfed! I guess I do that a lot. It’s fun, though! We played games and hung out. I was happy they visited. 🙂

I tailgated with my brother and his friends before the SIU vs. U of I football game. I was the only U of I fan at the tailgate since they all went to SIU, but that’s ok! We basically drank and played bags all day. We also grilled some hot dogs and burgers, too. It was a fun day, especially since U of I won!! I started dating Scott this year, and it’s been great! We met up again at this tailgate. I’m happy. We’ve done a lot these past few months! We’ve been to a lot of nice restaurants, walked around a very confusing corn maze, went to the SIU vs. U of I basketball game with family (U of I won again), and lots more!

Halloween weekend was fun! We went out with work people to a martini bar in our costumes. Scott was Waldo and I was Lady Gaga. I wore my costume to work, too. It was probably one of the best costumes I’ve ever had! Good times.

Well, as you can see, I did a lot this year. Those are the good times of 2010. Let’s hope for a great 2011!!

Day 190: Shadow

Rachel, Day by Day

This is my shadow! I have really long legs and a tiny head. I wonder if I really do have a smaller than average head, and longer than average legs. Who knows. Anyway, that’s me! There’s a building to my left and a tree to my right and you can see their shadows. I’m not really sure what else I’m supposed to say about this photo, other than shadows are awesome. And shadow puppets. Darn! I should have made a shadow puppet for all of you. Maybe I will in an upcoming post.

So, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this information with you (my few, wonderful fans), but I decided, why not? I auditioned for American Idol. I honestly don’t think I would do very well on the show since I’m not good at public speaking and they tend to interview the contestants a lot. Plus, the whole singing in front of billions of people thing sounds scary. I thought I’d give it a try anyway. Click here to hear me sing! The video quality does sort of suck, but oh well. We were only allowed to sing for 40 seconds, too. You can let me know if it sucks or if it’s decent if you want! I do love reading comments on my blog!