Day 810: Work Travel

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 810: Work Travel

On the road again…

How many of you walk to work? Drive? Take the train? Bike? Cab? I’m pretty sure I’ve been driving to work for all the jobs I’ve ever had, except for babysitting. That was the one time I walked since it was only a few houses down.

I always thought it would be neat to take the train, but then I could see myself stressing about missing the train or the train running late. I like the idea of being able to sit, zone out, read, or do whatever you want on your commute. But then you might have to walk a bit once you get to the train station. Bad weather would not make that fun.

I’ve had a lot of different driving paths over the years. For my summer job in high school and college, it was only a five minute drive with maybe only five lights to go through. For my first job after college, it was probably a 10 minute drive home with the same amount of lights. Traffic was never bad, and it was nice getting home in such a short amount of time.

The worst drive I’ve had was when I moved about an hour away during my first job after college. I moved in with my fiancé, so the move made sense! I was very happy moving in with him (the town and his house were great), but I wasn’t ready to give up that job in the other town, so I stayed and did the long commute for two years. It was 57.5 miles one way on the highway. It was the most boring drive of my life. I kept looking at the clock hoping time would move faster. I mostly put the car in cruise control for that one hour and would sing along with the radio, but time felt so slow. Mornings in the fall and winter were the worst. I started work at 7:30, so my commute was extremely dark. There were no lights on this highway as well. Fog, heavy rain, and snow made the drive bad on some of the days. The fog would get so heavy in the morning, I’d follow other cars just because I could see their tail lights. There was one day the rain was so heavy, I couldn’t see at all. So I pulled over, slowly drove home, and took a sick day. I didn’t want to chance it. I don’t miss that highway. (I left that job and moved away with my husband.)

Now I’ve been at my current job for five years, about 17 miles away from my house. On a good day it takes 25-30 minutes, but I run into a lot of traffic, so the commute home is longer (around 40-45 minutes). It still takes less time for me to get home now, and way less miles. To be honest, I’ll take traffic any day over driving fast 57.5 miles one way. There are other cars around me now, and I don’t feel so alone or surrounded by trucks. It’s still a frustrating drive at times, but that’s part of many commutes.

In an ideal world, I’d go back to that five minute commute, but that’s hard to find these days.

As strange as it is, I’ve only been in one car accident during my commutes, and it was during my first job after college (the 10 minute drive). I was heading through a green light when another car ran a red light. I ended up hitting the woman’s car, but she was at fault since she ran the red light. My car was totaled, but I was fine.

The moral of the story? Not sure, but it’s information I thought I’d share!


Day 806: 10 Pros and Cons of Parenthood

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 806: 10 Pros and Cons of Parenthood

The boy who turned me into a mother.

I’ve only been a parent for three years and four months, so I still have more years of experience coming ahead. I thought I’d share (in my humble opinion) some pros and cons of parenthood so far, at least with a three year old. Feel free to agree or disagree.

1. Pregnancy is uncomfortable, especially near the end.
2. Lack of sleep and waking up every time you hear a noise. This gets better over time, though.
3. Tantrums, especially when you don’t understand why they are happening.
4. Trying to help a child get over their fears and anxieties when you have some yourself.
5. The constant attention a child wants and needs. You have to get used to that and the energy they have. It’s hard going to the bathroom alone sometimes.
6. Children cost a lot.
7. There’s more responsibility with looking after another person.
8. Figuring out how to balance your career, parenthood, friendships, etc. It means working harder at all of these, but we all figure it out. Having a routine helps.
9. Clutter and messiness around the house.
10. Parent shaming from other people, especially on social media. Stop it.

1. Forming a special connection with your child.
2. Having an effect on your child by what you teach and show them.
3. Watching your child laugh, play, and grow as a human being.
4. When you see complete strangers smile and laugh at how adorable your child is.
5. Seeing all of the firsts (smile, step, word, vacation, etc.) of this person you created.
6. Hearing your child say, “I love you.”
7. There’s someone to (hopefully) look after you when you’re old.
8. You are rarely bored with a child.
9. The warm, amazing feeling you get when your family is together and happy.
10. The moment you walk into the door or get your child out of their room, and he/she is extremely excited to see you.

What would you add to these lists? Let me know!

Day 738: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 738: Best/Worst of the Week

Turkey Trot fun!

Here’s the worst and best of the week!

1. I ate way too much food this week.
2. My gas cap was frozen shut when I needed gas. A nice man helped me, though!
3. My skin has been itchy and dry lately.
4. A bug crawled on my computer monitor and I freaked out a bit!
5. The violent protests in Ferguson and elsewhere in the county.

1. I went out for Black Wednesday with Scott and Ray.
2. I spent Thanksgiving with my family.
3. Scott and I walked the Turkey Trot even though it was cold!
4. We had an early birthday dinner for my mom at McCormick and Schmick’s.
5. I played Trivial Pursuit with family.

I had a good Thanksgiving week! Hope yours was great, too.

Day 735: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 735: Best/Worst of the Week

Sadly I did not win these.

Here you go! The worst and best of the week. I’ll update on other things later in the week, I promise!

1. Scott’s uncle went in the hospital this week, but he’s getting better!
2. Seeing the aftermath of accidents on the highway.
3. Dry air. It’s ruining my skin.
4. I didn’t know how to turn off a very loud alarm this week. I was embarrassed.
5. I had a dream I married Barney from How I Met Your Mother. I didn’t really want to in the dream, so that was sad.

1. Spent time with my grandpa.
2. I went to a trivia night with my brother.
3. I ate yummy meals made by my mom this week. The rosemary chicken was great!
4. I played poker with Scott and Ray. I lost, but it was fun!
5. I’m feeling more confident about things this week.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Day 734: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 734: Best/Worst of the Week

Here’s a random photo for you: my key chain collection.

A lot of strange things happened this week… here’s the worst and the best for you!

1. A pipe sort of burst at my mom’s house and lots of water gushed out in the laundry room.
2. My tire blew while getting off the highway.
3. After dealing with my tire, my car wouldn’t start the same night. I had to get it towed.
4. I spent a lot of money on my car this week.
5. Snow! Ugh.

1. Seeing my Uncle John and spending time with family.
2. Starting new things this week!
3. Going to Brio with Scott tonight.
4. Saw the movie Interstellar at the IMAX. The seats were amazing and comfortable.
5. Seeing friends this weekend!

There you go! Enjoy.

Day 732: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 732: Best/Worst of the Week

Gouda Mac and Cheese. Mmmmm.

Here’s the worst and the best for you! I swear I’ll update my blog soon with other things.

1. I have a cough.
2. It’s getting cold outside.
3. It’s dark at 4:30 p.m. now!
4. Patrick Sharp on the Blackhawks got hurt!
5. I’m getting Jamberry Nail Party invites almost every week.

1. I went to happy hour with friends.
2. I went out with the ladies to Tony Roma’s restaurant.
3. Scott’s grandpa’s turned 85 this week!
4. I read this article about Tom Hiddleston (I love him):
5. I get to see Sydney in a play this weekend!

Have a good weekend!

Day 731: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 731: Best/Worst of the Week

Halloween fun with friends!

Ready for the highlights and lowlights of my week? Here we go!

1. Random annoying phone calls about the election.
2. Video ads that randomly play on the side of webpages. It’s difficult to stop them sometimes, too!
3. My neighbor’s cat tried running into our house, but I closed the front door in time.
4. It went from 70 degrees at the beginning of the week to 30 degrees yesterday. Ugh.
5. Sneezing a lot.

1. Went out on Halloween with friends (see photo above)!
2. Carved pumpkins with Scott’s family this week. I made a devil bunny!
3. Walked around the University of Illinois campus. It’s so pretty in the fall.
4. Seeing cute little kids dressed up for Halloween.
5. My favorite costume of Halloween night was Wilson from Home Improvement. The guy had a mini-fence in front of his face.

Doing forget to turn your clocks back one hour this weekend!

Day 730: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 730: Best/Worst of the Week

I know you’ve been waiting for this all week! How exciting. Here’s the worst and the best of my week.

1. I chipped one of our cereal bowls a little while ago and I found out this week they are discontinued. I’m annoyed that we don’t have an even set!
2. I twisted my knee in cardio class and it really hurts. I’m icing it right now actually.
3. Zumba class was cancelled this week.
4. Corey Crawford on the Blackhawks is hurt. That makes me sad.
5. House things cost a lot.

1. Halloween costume shopping! I got one I think I like, but I’m still a bit unsure about it.
2. We tried a tapas restaurant and it was delicious.
3. I heard Honey Boo Boo is cancelled. Life is getting better!
4. The weather has been warmer during the end of this week. Yay!
5. Many celebrations were in order this week! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Day 725: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

The whole gang in Las Vegas for Ray's 30th birthday!

The whole gang in Las Vegas for Ray’s 30th birthday!

It’s been a fun and eventful week! Here’s the worst and the best of it for me.

1. I spilled some perfume on my pants. They smelled nice, but way too strong!
2. I had a very hard time breathing at one point on Thursday. Stupid asthma.
3. I had to miss Grace’s christening. Sad.
4. I watched an episode of Walking Dead this week. It was way too graphic for me. I felt sick!
5. Coming back to 50-degree weather after a short vacation. Ugh.

1. Spent a few days in Las Vegas with friends and family for Ray’s 30th birthday!
2. Saw Scottie Pippin at the Las Vegas airport.
3. Seeing the leaves on the trees change into beautiful colors.
4. Got to see Grace again!
5. I won’t have to watch a certain MLB team (*cough* Cardinals *cough*) play baseball anymore.

Enjoy your weekend!

Day 724: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 724: Best/Worst of the Week

Here’s our awesome lawn decoration!

What a fun and busy week! Here’s the worst and the best for you.

1. Didn’t feel so good a day this week. I think it was my asthma.
2. I forgot to take my allergy medicine one of the days, which gave me sinus trouble.
3. Hearing about the Ebola virus every day.
4. Seeing a pretty bad accident on the highway this week. Drive safe, everyone!
5. It’s getting dark earlier in the day… I’m not ready for winter!


1. Anne and Ted’s Wedding!
2. Got a lot of work and errands done this week.
3. Chicago Blackhawks started playing this week! And they won on Thursday!
4. Seeing many bunnies this week in our front yard.
5. My brother’s early birthday dinner at Benihana.

Have a good weekend!