Day 724: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 724: Best/Worst of the Week

Here’s our awesome lawn decoration!

What a fun and busy week! Here’s the worst and the best for you.

1. Didn’t feel so good a day this week. I think it was my asthma.
2. I forgot to take my allergy medicine one of the days, which gave me sinus trouble.
3. Hearing about the Ebola virus every day.
4. Seeing a pretty bad accident on the highway this week. Drive safe, everyone!
5. It’s getting dark earlier in the day… I’m not ready for winter!


1. Anne and Ted’s Wedding!
2. Got a lot of work and errands done this week.
3. Chicago Blackhawks started playing this week! And they won on Thursday!
4. Seeing many bunnies this week in our front yard.
5. My brother’s early birthday dinner at Benihana.

Have a good weekend!

Day 693: Bunnies

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 693: Bunnies

Isn’t this time of year glorious!? We’ve had so many bunnies come and go in our yard. They like to hang out under our tree when it gets really hot. This bunny above was so comfortable, I don’t think he moved at all. I kept taking photos of him and he just sat like that in the grass. Good for him (or her)! I wish they wouldn’t get so scared of humans, though. I’m not going to hurt bunnies! Here’s another photo of some bunny friends by our house:

Day 693: BunniesLook at how cute they are! I want to squeal. Anyway, you get the point of this post. I love bunnies.

Scott and I have been watching a lot about history on TV lately. There’s a weekly show on now called The Sixties, which is going through big events in the whole decade. The episode on Kennedy’s assassination was on recently; this story fascinates me for some reason. There are so many things we’ll never know, but I really don’t believe most of the conspiracy theories. People just have a hard time fully believing everything I guess, and the fact that one man killed him all on his own. I really don’t think Oswald had help. I wonder if there’s more to the story of Jack Ruby killing Oswald, though. That was just so random! I guess we’ll never know about that, either.

It’s also been 20 years since the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson (and the start of the O.J. Simpson case). I honestly can’t believe that. I remember going home from lunch during elementary school with my brother and we saw O.J.’s not-guilty verdict right before heading back to school. We told everyone in our classes what happened. I still can’t believe he was found not guilty after all these years. This was probably the first big news event I ever cared about, being so young. Now I feel a bit old!

I guess I should end this on a happier note… It’s Saturday! And it’s a beautiful sunny day! Go outside!!

Day 672: Year in Review

Rachel, Day by Day

The best day of my year! Our wedding day on April 27, 2013.

The best day of my year! Our wedding day on April 27, 2013.

This year has been utterly amazing. I’m having a hard time putting it into words. These past 365 days have been full of so much love and happiness and I am grateful for every moment. Scott and I have so much to be thankful for; we have wonderful friends and family that have been with us this year and our whole lives.

We did so many things this year and saw some cool places. Instead of writing a paragraph about every single thing, I decided to just make one giant list and put some photos in between some text. When I went through this list, I was in shock. We did all this in one year??  It’s been an amazing journey!

My Year in Review: 2013

  • Last New Years Eve: Went out to dinner for Uncle John’s birthday and then to Christina’s party.
  • Brendan and Anne visited in January.
  • Trip to Springfield in February with Scott (see photo).

Day 672: Year in Review

  • Double dates with Anne and Drew.
  • Scott’s grandparent’s 65th anniversary party.
  • Bridal Shower with Scott’s family and friends in Bloomington (February).
  • Bridal Shower with my family and friends at Brio Tuscan Grill in Lombard.
  • Caroline Lou (my new cousin) born on February 14.
  • St. Patrick’s Day parades in Elmhurst and Normal.
  • Myles Thomas (my new cousin) born on March 12.
  • Shopping day with Sydney at Woodfield and went to Red Robin for dinner.
  • Easter weekend: Made bunny cakes, had a scavenger hunt, and dyed eggs (see photo).

Day 672: Year in Review

  • Bachelorette party in Champaign (hung out at Kate’s, went to Boltini and C Street).
  • Bachelorette party in Naperville (got our nails done, had dinner, danced and drank at BlackFinn).
  • Went to Rosie’s with Granny, Maggie, Ashley, Barb, and Stacie to celebrate!
  • Rehearsal and dinner for our wedding at Maggiano’s.
  • Our wedding on April 27, 2013 (see photo). (This bullet point deserves to be in bold!)

Day 620: Wedding

  • Vacation: Our honeymoon at Excellence Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (see photo).

Day 621: Honeymoon

  • Maggie’s graduation and party.
  • Saw West Side Story musical in Peoria with Scott.
  • Went to Arlington Racetrack with family friends and won a little money!
  • Vacation: Miami Beach in June with Melissa, Brittany, and Christina (see photo).

Day 628: Miami Beach

  • Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup on June 24! We watched it at Esquire with Steve and Jillian!
  • Scott’s birthday party in our man cave with friends and family.
  • My mom, my grandpa, Ray, and Uncle John visited July 4th weekend!
  • Vacation: Went to St. Paul, Minnesota with my mom and Ray for John’s wedding. We went to Mall of America, too (see photo)!

Day 632: Minnesota

  • Christina visited me in Normal. We went out to dinner, mini golfed, and rode bumper boats.
  • Went to Shakespeare Festival with Scott in August. We had a picnic and saw Comedy of Errors!
  • Blackhawks Convention in Chicago. I met Andrew Shaw and saw the Stanley Cup (see photo)!

Day 635: Blackhawks Convention

  • Went to County Fair with Scott’s family. I got to hold a rabbit!
  • Fancy happy hour at Boltini when Anne moved away (see photo). 😦

Day 640: Fancy Happy Hour

  • Went to Cubs vs. Cardinals game with Scott and Jeremie at Busch Stadium. Cubs lost. 😦
  • Vacation: Went to Wisconsin Dells in August with my mom, Ray, Grandpa, Uncle John, and Scott (see photo)!

Day 644: Wisconsin Dells

  • Vacation: Went to Milwaukee in September with Brendan, Anne, Graham, and Kate (see photo)!

Day 645: Milwaukee

  • Celebrated my grandpa’s 86th birthday in September at my mom’s house.
  • I started my Double Takes project in September. I’m loving it so far!
  • I saw a meteor on my way to work on September 26!
  • Went to Becky (Scott’s cousin) and Angie’s wedding (see photo).

Day 672: Year in Review

  • Melissa and Larry visited us in town! I now love Settlers of Catan.
  • Golfed 9 holes for Ray’s birthday and went to Emilio’s for dinner with family (see photo).

Day 672: Year in Review

  • Halloween: Scott and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi and went out with Liz, Jillian, Graham, and Kate. Graham performed at the bar (see photo)!

Day 672: Year in Review

  • Carved pumpkins with Scott’s family!
  • Went to Alli and Jake’s wedding.
  • Scott and I stopped in Dublin, Ireland on our way to Paris.
  • Vacation: Scott and I went to Paris, France and spent time with Renée and Chris (see photo)!

Day 663: Paris Day 2

  • Went shopping with Melissa, Christina, and Melissa and ate at Mago Grill.
  • Spent Christmas Eve with my family.
  • Spent Christmas day with Scott’s family.
  • Got to see my friend Kim at her baby shower. My friend Andrea is pregnant, too!
  • I fell in love with Tom Hiddleston this year.
  • New Years Eve… stay tuned!

As I mentioned earlier, this year was incredible and one of the best in my life. There have been so many awesome changes in my life this year; I’m not sure if I want 2013 to end! I can’t believe I went on six vacations in one year! Scott and I did so many fun things by ourselves and with family and friends. Thank you all for an outstanding 2013 and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2014!

Day 636: County Fair

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 636: County FairHello there! This past week, I went to the county fair with Scott and his family. Here’s a cool photo of it at night! It was bigger than I thought it would be. Caden went rock climbing and we played some games; I got a stuffed animal Cubs baseball bat! So, that was fun. We walked around a lot, saw animals, and watched people on the rides. Caden and Kendyl went on a few! There were a ton of rabbits there, so of course I had to pet one. Here’s a photo for you.

Day 636: County FairI think the bunny was a little afraid of me, so I tried not to scare him. He was so soft, though! My allergies kicked in a bit after that, so we went home. Ugh, I hate my allergies. It was a fun fair, though!

I guess I never talked about how Cory Monteith from Glee passed away recently. That was pretty shocking; I heard he had some drug problems in the past. I haven’t watched Glee in about 2 years, so I don’t really know what’s going on with the plot of the show. But, he was a big part of the show, so I wonder how they’ll handle that. It’s very sad that he died so young; he could have done so much more with his life. I never truly know how I feel about celebrity deaths, though. I guess I can say that I’m shocked, but not really sad. Maybe that’s mean, but there’s no personal connection! It still is very sad, though.

I can’t end on a sad note! Why did Cinderella get kicked off the softball team?

Because she ran away from the ball!! 🙂

Have a good night!

Day 614: Bunnies

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 614: Bunnies

Rabbits are back!!! The weather is getting warmer and the sun is out a lot longer. I LOVE SPRING! Scott and I sat outside for a little bit and he happened to walk to our backyard. He suddenly ran up to me and told me to follow him. I then see these two bunnies sitting in our grass. I had to take a photo! Of course, they ran away as I got closer to them, but they looked so comfy in our grass for a while! Awww, I wish I could pet them. OK, I’ll move on now.

I’m now watching 500 Days of Summer. I love this movie, mainly because I also love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. The movie feels real, like I feel a connection to both of them as I watch it. They both work for a greeting card company, and I keep thinking that it actually sounds pretty awesome. I might like writing greeting cards! Maybe I’ll try it at home as a side job.

Lately I’ve been sentimental and emotional about having a new last name soon. I’ve had the same one for 26 years; how can I suddenly be OK with a new one? It’s a big change! And I will be moving down in the alphabet. I love my last name and always have. I do like Scott’s last name a lot, but had trouble figuring out the capital F for a while. Anyway, I think I will write my last name a lot this month since I won’t be able to soon.

Have a good night!

Day 613: Easter

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 613: Easter

I guess I never really thought about this until now, but I think I love Easter! I made these bunny cakes for my family and Scott’s family over the weekend; I love them! They turned out so cute and I keep smiling when looking at them. Can I make these anytime during the year, or does it have to be just for Easter? I hope not just for Easter! If you can’t tell the ears are made out of pink icing and the whiskers are made out of black icing. The eyes and nose are jelly beans and the mouth is icing. Everything worked out well! I’m proud of myself.

Easter was a good day! I created a scavenger hunt for my mom, Ray, and Scott (and I called it the Amazing Easter Race). They each had to find 10 clues hidden around the house and the first one to find them all won an extra prize! I’ve been doing this for a long time, even when my dad was around. I guess I stopped doing this for a while, but decided to bring it back these past few years. My mom won this year and got a Pez dispenser, some Peeps, and an Easter basket full of candy. Ray and Scott also got Easter baskets for participating. And it was a non-elimination race. The Easter bunny also brought me an Easter basket! That was nice of him. I also had my first glass of wine since before Lent. Mmmm. We then hung out with Scott’s family later, which was a good time! I had my first beer since before Lent, too. In case you didn’t notice, I gave up beer and wine for Lent. It was a good one! What a great day; we got to see our wonderful family members. 🙂

My mom and I also colored Easter eggs over the weekend. Here’s a photo:

Day 613: Easter

I like the colors! How do you avoid those white spots, though? I see them every year! Oh well. It was fun and I will never be too old for this.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Day 499: Bunny Towel

Rachel, Day by Day

Color Challenge: Violet Day 2

Hello! My wonderful uncle game me these bunny towels for Christmas. I love them! They are hanging on the towel rack in one of my bathrooms. Maybe I’m supposed to have them out only for Easter, but I’ve kept them in my bathroom since Christmas and plan to keep them there! This bunny is so cute, too. I love how he’s (or she’s) sort of posing and the floppy ears are so cute, too! I also like how there’s a little snack in front of the bunny. And of course, the violet heart in the back that helps out my blog! It just shows my love for bunnies. Yay bunny towels!

I actually played tennis outside today. Can you believe it? It’s the beginning of March and above 60 degrees! I hope it stays like this for a while. It was nice spending some time outside again, too. Fresh air is always great. I’m excited to play more tennis and softball this spring and summer. They keep me active!!

I was thinking a while ago of starting another blog called Lindy’s Travels. My stuffed animal dog is Lindy (click here to see her) and I thought it would be funny to try writing her perspective on things. But, I don’t know if I travel enough to do this! I guess she wouldn’t be able to write every day, and I can still count going out of town as travels. What do you think? Two blogs might be a lot, though. This one is already a lot of work since I’m writing every day! Let me know what you think. Go ahead and comment!!

Day 380: Bunny Candy Jar

Rachel, Day by Day

Isn’t this one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen? I can’t stop taking photos of bunny things! Are you tired of bunny photos? Well, it’s my blog, and I’m not. 🙂 Scott gave this to me for Easter and there are lots of Hershey kisses inside. The bunny is adorable and I love how the whole thing is shaped like an egg. It’s a pretty blue color, too. It’s so hard not to eat 30 Hershey kisses every day, but I resist sometimes. You should come over if you want some chocolate!

It’s been a tiring day. I went to a cardio class and I played tennis after work. I kind of just want to lay on the floor and be lazy for the rest of the night. But, I also have a list of things I want to get done tonight. Fun times. Maybe I should try to go one whole week without making a list. That would be impossible for me.

So, I was just flipping through the channels and watched 10 minutes of Secret Life of an American Teenager. It was not one of my proudest moments at all. I’m pretty sure they are all in high school, and I’m also pretty sure I heard the word “sex” about 40 times. Is that all this show is about?? That is definitely something I didn’t think about in high school… at all. People that age are way too young to think about that. And this show is not helping that! And it’s on ABC Family… not exactly a family-friendly show! I think it should be off the air. That’s my opinion after just 10 minutes.

Happy Monday night!

Day 375: Easter

Rachel, Day by Day

Wow, I’m a bit behind! So, who had a great Easter? I did! I went to a beautiful brunch with my family as you can see in the photos. That’s not all we did, though! I made a scavenger hunt for my mom and brother; they had to find 10 clues around the house and then find their Easter basket! It’s fun watching them run around the house since they get really into it. I scattered Ray’s clues a bit more than my mom’s, haha. They actually did the scavenger hunt around midnight, so we started Easter right away! In the morning, my mom hid eggs for my brother and I; that was fun. I don’t care how old I am; it will always be fun! We then went to church and the brunch after that. Everything was delicious! See the desserts? Mmmm, yum! I liked the glowing bunny in the first photo, too. And, I got my picture taken with the Easter bunny! Good times.

I had a great weekend! I got to spend time with family and see my friends from college. It’s always great seeing the people you love!

Well, sadly, the Blackhawks are not in the playoffs anymore. They really tried, but came up short. They were down 3-0 in the series, but we able to come back and tie it up 3-3. Sadly, they lost the last game, though! I’m proud of them, though. You can’t win the championship every year!

It’s been a very busy week. I kind of want to lay down and be lazy for a while. Hmmm, I think I’ll do that tonight!

Thing that made me happy today: Finding the key to my mailbox after losing it.

Day 374: Getting Ready for Easter

Rachel, Day by Day

It’s been a great day! My mom and I got pedicures this morning, which felt really nice and relaxing. My toenails are a darkish pink. Then, we did some shopping and came back to the house. For the first photo, my mom made this bunny-shaped rice krispie treat! Isn’t it cute? I was going to help her, but I was still asleep. We made something like this last year, but it was a cake instead of a rice krispie treat. Yum! It’s too cute to eat, though! At least I have a photo of it now. For the second photo, you’ll see that we colored Easter eggs! I like how the colors turned out, but I don’t know how you get rid of those streaks on the eggs. Anyone know? We made martinis while coloring Easter eggs. My mom found a recipe for a Bellini Martini. The ingredients consist of champagne, vodka, and peach schnapps. I think there was a bit too much vodka for my taste, and my mom agreed. Maybe we’ll try it next time with a bit less alcohol! It was a fun day, though.

For dinner, I made tilapia for my mom and grandpa. They both really liked it. I hope they weren’t just saying that! Yay for fun family days.

So, for all you hockey fans out there, the Blackhawks won last night, which means they are down in the series 3-2 out of 7. They beat the Canucks by a lot; it ended up being 5-0. It was great! My brother and uncle are going to the game on Sunday, so I hope they bring home a win! It’s been an exciting series. I hope they can continue the winning streak.

Happy Friday. 🙂

Thing that made me happy today: Spending time with my family.