Day 735: Best/Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 735: Best/Worst of the Week

Sadly I did not win these.

Here you go! The worst and best of the week. I’ll update on other things later in the week, I promise!

1. Scott’s uncle went in the hospital this week, but he’s getting better!
2. Seeing the aftermath of accidents on the highway.
3. Dry air. It’s ruining my skin.
4. I didn’t know how to turn off a very loud alarm this week. I was embarrassed.
5. I had a dream I married Barney from How I Met Your Mother. I didn’t really want to in the dream, so that was sad.

1. Spent time with my grandpa.
2. I went to a trivia night with my brother.
3. I ate yummy meals made by my mom this week. The rosemary chicken was great!
4. I played poker with Scott and Ray. I lost, but it was fun!
5. I’m feeling more confident about things this week.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Day 714: Best and Worst of the Week

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 714: Best and Worst of the Week

I took this photo of a sunrise when I got to work this past Wednesday.

Hello, folks! I am starting a new tradition at the end of each week. (Well, I’m hoping to remember to do this every week!) I am giving you a list of my top 5 best and worst things of the week. Maybe it’ll spice up my blog a bit since I’ve neglected the Double Takes for a while. And I’ll include a photo I took over the week (see above).

Worst Things of the Week
1. It was really dark when I woke up every morning this week to head to work. And it’s only going to get worse.
2. I missed out on National Guacamole Day on Tuesday. And I love guacamole. Sad.
3. Only getting about 6 hours of sleep each night. I need more than that.
4. I had a scary dream Tuesday night where creepy almost dead children were trying to kill me. I woke up at 2 a.m. and couldn’t fall back asleep.
5. I’m tired of hearing about the NFL and the players that hurt their wives or significant others. It’s an extremely horrible thing that makes me angry and sad. Let’s talk about happier things on the news.

Best Things of the Week
1. Anne’s bachelorette party is this weekend!
2. Watching a few home movies and hearing my dad say my name again. I miss his voice and it was great hearing it again.
3. Watching Jimmy Fallon’s Good News segment this week (click here to see some hilarious stuff).
4. A truck driver honked at me on my way home from work this week… I initially panicked and thought something was wrong with my car, but apparently he just wanted to wave and say hi. Weird, but I guess it can count as a good thing.
5. A friend of ours won $10 since the Cubs won 68 games. I’m glad the Cubs can help people out!

There you go!

Day 699: Robin Williams

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 699: Robin Williams

I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to Robin Williams since his passing recently. I always felt strange about celebrity deaths, especially for actors I don’t know much about. I guess it’s a sad and uneasy feeling, but definitely not like losing a loved one or someone you are close to. For example, when Philip Seymour Hoffman died, I wasn’t as affected by it; I haven’t seen many of his films and I really didn’t know anything about him. But, for Robin Williams, I was shaken up just a bit more than usual.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Robin Williams’ life. I know he was married and had a couple kids, and I can tell you he is a hilarious man, but that’s about it. I went through a list of his movies and realized he was there for me a lot in the 1990s as I was growing up. The first three movies I saw of his were Hook (1991), Aladdin (1992), and Mrs. Doubtfire (1993). I watched these movies over and over again as a kid, especially Mrs. Doubtfire. He was perfect for the role of Peter Pan and because of that movie, I hoped and believed Neverland existed. He made me laugh hysterically as the genie and I even bought a magic lamp around that time. I would rub it, but sadly the genie never showed up! Although there were sad parts in Mrs. Doubtfire, he came through in the end and proved to be a great dad (and a great older lady).

Later in the 1990s, I saw Jumanji (1995), Nine Months (1995), and Jack (1996). Jumanji scared me a bit as a child, but I loved how he bonded with the kids and got through the terror of the board game. Actually, someone bought the game for my brother and me. We played maybe twice; I was deathly afraid the actual events would happen! (They didn’t, don’t worry.) Nine Months wasn’t a huge hit as a movie, but I thought he was hilarious as the crazy doctor who didn’t exactly know what he was doing. His accent was great, too! And, of course, there’s Jack. I watched this one over and over again, too. I loved how he could act like a kid as an adult; he made that hilarious. And I loved red gummy bears, too. Good times.

Later in this wonderful decade, I also saw The Birdcage (1996), Flubber (1997), and What Dreams May Come (1998). He made a great team with Nathan Lane in The Birdcage and I used to really hope flubber was real. What Dreams May Come touched me in a way I never expected. I saw it maybe a year after my dad died, so it was hard for me to watch, especially seeing Robin Williams in a more serious role. It’s a hard movie to get through, but I honestly hope and pray that it was all real (how we go to heaven and can reincarnate). It ended up being a beautiful movie I hope to see again someday.

In the 2000s, I saw One Hour Photo (2002) and August Rush (2007). His characters in both of these were creepy, weird, and mean. I think it was a good time for me to see him in different roles from hilarious and funny. The last movie I saw recently with him was Good Will Hunting (1997). His character was touching in that movie, too, and I cried a few times.

I’ll get to my main point now. Robin Williams’ career was perfectly timed in my life. He made so many funny and hilarious movies as I was growing up, and he got to more serious roles as I got older. In a way, it feels like we were growing up together. He was a great person, wonderful actor, and amazing sidekick in my life. He made my childhood more fun and full of laughs. I wish I could thank him in some way; maybe I’ll have a marathon soon. He touched my life more than I realized. What a good man.

Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Day 467: Blue or Orange Moon?

Rachel, Day by Day

Color Challenge: Orange Day 5

Hello! I had a good time last night with friends. It was Steve’s birthday, so we went out to Jupiter’s (a pizza place) and then went out for another drink at Blind Pig. I ate fajita pizza, which had a lot of really good veggies and spices in it. Mmmm, I need to go there more often! This photo is the beer I drank, a blue moon with an orange in it. I like how artsy this photo looks, especially with the orange. Why don’t we call this orange moon? I do like this beer; it’s one of my favorites. And I thought I’d drink one beer in honor of Steve’s birthday. Happy birthday, Steve!

It was fun hanging out with everyone and chatting at Blind Pig. I like getting together outside of work; we all feel like we can talk more. Good times. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay too late since I was still coughing and sneezing. I hope I didn’t get anyone sick! I slept almost 11 hours last night, though, and that felt glorious. Just glorious.

I saw the Blackhawks lost last night. Sad. 😦 Do we think they’ll make the playoffs? Anyone? I hope so!

I had a dream last night that Scott wanted to take an engagement photo like Lady and the Tramp, so we did it. I’m hoping he doesn’t really want to in real life. Yeah… I don’t really want to do that. I’m all for Disney, but that would just be strange.

Hope you had a nice Friday night!

Day 414: The Sun

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! I took this photo this morning while the sun was rising. Yes, I get up pretty early to get to work. Sorry that the trees are blurry, but I really like how the sun turned out. I’m a sucker for sunrises and sunsets, though. I like how the part of the sky right around the sun looks orange, too. It’s so pretty! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a photo of the sun in a perfect circle like this. It’s neat! I like how the sky slowly gets blue toward the top of the photo. I do love how my camera captures color in a photo. And it’s nice driving to work on mornings like this one! Yay for bright and sunny days.

I had a horrible dream last night. The joker (Jack Nicholson) was trying to find me after he performed in a show. And Jack Nicholson scares me a bit. There was chaos and everyone was running around trying to get away from him. I remember running a lot… down stairs, in a field, at a playground, and so on. He finally found me and had that creepy smile on his face. He said something to me and then I woke up. I’m glad I woke up right before he kidnapped me!

Mmmm, I drank a mango banana smoothie at work this afternoon. It was delicious. My first thought was that my dad would have loved that smoothie. We made them together occasionally when I was younger. Well, he made them and then we drank them together! My second thought was Ouch, this brain freeze hurts! Even though smoothies are good, you should still drink them slowly! There’s your lesson for the day.

My week has been busy, but fun! Let’s see… there was tennis, hanging out with friends a couple of nights, The Lion King, hanging out with Scott and his family, and going out for drinks! I was a bit sick on Tuesday, but am feeling better now. And I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Happy Thursday!

Day 408: Cubs Bear

Rachel, Day by Day

This is such a cute bear! This was one of my prizes from Dave and Buster’s the other night. So, here’s another stuffed animal to add to my massive collection. He is darling, though; isn’t he? I really do have an insane amount of stuffed animals. I always thought it was because I never had a real pet. Maybe I should start taking pictures of myself with my stuffed animals like other people do with their pets. Nah, that would be a little weird. Anyway, it is interesting how Dave and Buster’s only sold Cubs souvenirs and not White Sox, Cardinals, and so on. But, I won’t get into that. What should I name my new bear? The only thing I can think of right now is Cubbie. It’s not very creative, though. I’ll keep thinking.

I had a horrible dream last night. I was kidnapped by a man and a woman. They did take me outside a lot, but they’d have a gun with them in case I ran away. They were also trying to get me to eat an ice cube filled with poison. I think I tricked them somehow and was able to throw it away. I was somehow able to steal one of their cell phones, so I called my mom and she called the police. I was found! I remember running around a lot in the dream, so I was tired when I woke up this morning!

Does anyone use AIM (AOL instant messenger) anymore? I used it constantly during college with my friends. I found a funny website (click here) talking about 16 reasons why AIM was the best chat system ever. There are many little things I forgot about AIM, including the warning button, buddy icons, and Smarterchild. Smarterchild was a robot you could chat with and ask questions. There’s even a song in this article with all of the noises it used to make. Sorry, you won’t really appreciate this article unless you used AIM at some point. Do you use this anymore, though? I don’t think I’ve used this in years.

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week!

Day 362: Scenic Photos

Rachel, Day by Day

Ahhh, three more days after today!! It’s a weird feeling. Here are some pretty, scenic photos for you. I love the sky in the morning as I’m driving to work. I go to work at the perfect time for a sunrise photo. Isn’t the sky in the first photo gorgeous? I love how the orange, blue, and slight pink blend together like that. And this second photo is a sign of spring! I don’t know what these tiny red flowers are, but they are the first things to bloom on the trees. It’s exciting to see some color again after winter. I love this red/maroon color, too. It’s beautiful! I hope these red flowers get bigger, too. Yay spring!

I had a dream a few nights ago that I’m still thinking about today. My dad and his mom came back to life, but my family and I knew beforehand that they were coming back. I was 2 or 3 when my grandma died, so I don’t remember her. I remember being nervous and wondering if she’d like me. We had everyone in my family gathered in a hall, and my dad and grandma walked in after a while. We all applauded for them. My grandma came up to me and gave me a really big hug. I remember talking to her about something, but I don’t remember the exact conversation. I was just happy that she liked me. I wonder if this dream means anything.

On that note, have a nice Monday night. I plan to relax.

Day 288: Message Error

Rachel, Day by Day

Hehehe, this makes me laugh. It took me a lot of effort to get this photo. This is an electronic billboard that switches advertisements maybe every 20 seconds (or less). Apparently whatever this ad was did not work. Or is this up there as a joke? I can’t tell. I was driving the opposite way when I saw this one pop up, so I turned around and parked in a random parking lot nearby. I’m not sure what kind of business it was, but two men walked out of the building to their car and gave me a strange look. They probably thought I was lost or just plain confused. Luckily they didn’t ask what I was doing there. I’d have to give a long speech about my photo blog. Anyway, if this is really an error message, it was probably too big or something. But by the way it is worded, it makes the ad sound so awesome that they couldn’t put it up. I see that you can only click on Ok, but what would happen if you could click on Thanks? Wouldn’t that be the same thing as Ok? I’m not exactly sure what Cancel would do, either. Who knows.

I just practiced the song Soul Sister by Train on my guitar; it sounded pretty good! Of course, I’m a bit slow, but it actually sounded like the song! Fun times.

So, I’m trying to decide what to do with my blog once the photo blog is done. I could go back to just randomly writing about things without a photo. I did think about doing a dream blog. I must say, I do dream a lot and most of the time they are pretty crazy. It could be interesting. Do you have any ideas? Leave a comment!

Day 275: Cake

Rachel, Day by Day

I made a funfetti cake for my Uncle John! It was his 50th birthday on the 31st. I do love funfetti cakes and so does he, so it works out! Sorry, I left the plastic wrap on the cake; I should have taken it off for the photo. I think this turned out well, though! I like the sprinkles on top, too. They make it look pretty. I wrote in the letters, too; do they look professional? Haha, probably not. My mom did have to write in the HN! because my hands were shaking and I couldn’t do it anymore! Well, I think it turned out well! Yay funfetti cakes!

I had a great New Years Eve with my family! We went to The Clubhouse restaurant and it was delicious. I tried a flirtini, too, and that tasted great! It had raspberry, cranberry, and pineapple in it. I should try making it sometime. We then hung out at my mom’s house and played games. I’m glad my family likes to play games. My mom and I tried pomegranate lemon drop martinis, but they weren’t that great. So, we make margaritas instead! Those were good. I’m glad I got to spend the new year with my family. Fun times!

So, I usually like to recap my year around this time, and I’ll do that for you now! I know you are wondering, “What was 2010 like for Rachel?” Well, I will tell you shortly.

Let’s see… where should I start? I did more than I thought in 2010. I’m not sure why, but I had a lot of celebrity dreams this year, including Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr., Molly Shannon and Gerard Butler. I was dating most of them too, well not Molly Shannon. She was giving a speech somewhere. Anyway, I wonder what that means.

I went to two states this year: Utah and Michigan. My niece got married in June in Salt Lake City, so my mom, brother, and I went out there. It was great seeing my sisters again and I’m glad we went! We also went to Escanaba, Michigan with my grandpa and Uncle John. We went to the Beach Boys concert, too! It was pretty good and John Stamos was there! It was a very mellow concert compared to other concerts I’ve been to. Not many people stood up or anything, but it was fun to sing along. Good times!

I went to four weddings this year! Kim and Luke got married in May, my niece Sonya and her now husband Hunter got married in June (I wrote about it above), my cousin Bob and Libby got married in July, and Nicole and Tommy got married in October. I’m happy for all of them! Their weddings were very nice, too. Kim’s was at her church in Elmhurst. I used to go there for youth group with her when I was younger! Bob and Libby had the ceremony at a garden and the reception was at Memorial Stadium in Champaign. It was pretty cool! Nicole and Tommy got married at Starved Rock; that place is gorgeous! I want to go back and walk around on some trails.

I bought a Wii this year! That was a bigger purchase for me this year. I’m happy I bought it, though. I don’t play it that much, but I do play it when people come over! I also bought a couch for my new apartment; it’s really nice! It’s green and is that microfiber material. Those are the most expensive things I bought this year.

Speaking of apartments, I moved to a better one this year! It’s bigger, has central air and heat, and has a community pool. I love it! I can’t wait until next year when I can use the pool again!

I audition for Glee and American Idol this year. I didn’t make either of them, but it was a fun experience! Here are the videos if you still want to watch them:
American Idol:

I would have to say my favorite shows of the year are Modern Family, Glee, The Office, and Amazing Race. Here’s a list of movies I saw in the theater this year: Inception, Back to the Future (at an older theater in town), Letters to Juliet, Toy Story 3, Lovely Bones, Legion, Valentine’s Day (do not see this), Iron Man 2, Sex and the City 2, Harry Potter, Easy A, The Other Guys, Scot Pilgrim, and Morning Glory.

My friend, Rohit, had a pretty awesome party this past summer. He rented a trolley and we rode around Chicago stopping at some bars. I liked riding on the trolley; it was fun! We drank and danced around on a trolley. How many people can say they’ve done that? I threw a party for the first time this year at my new apartment. I made some appetizers and ordered pizza. We also played Rock Band and a drinking game. It was a good time! I would definitely throw another party. On Mother’s Day, my mom and I got massages and pedicures. We then went to a Mexican restaurant and drank margaritas. It was fun spending time with my mom and getting pampered!

I finally made it to Taste of Chicago this year and I’ve never been to it before! It was a cool experience. I don’t think I ate much there, but it was fun to just walk around and see everything. It was really crowded, too! I also went to a Cubs game this year and sat in the bleachers. I went with Ray, Soleman, and Anne D. The bleachers are very interesting; there are always lots of people around! It was fun, except for the fact that the Cubs lost. I recently spent a day with Scott in Chicago, too! We walked around a lot and went to the top of Sears Tower. I love Chicago!!

I started taking guitar lessons this year. I’m not really that good, but it takes a while to learn! I’ll keep practicing, though. My cousin, Sydney, was in Beauty and the Beast, the musical, at her school. She was a townswoman and a napkin. It was a good play! She’s a good dancer and singer, too. She had a small solo! Yay, Syd!

I guess I’ll mention the sad parts of 2010. My Uncle Pat died at the end of July, and it was sudden. We were really close, so it’s been a tough time. I don’t think I’ve really accepted it yet. My mom also had hip surgery since she was in a lot of pain before. She is a lot better, though! It was just rough seeing her go through that pain.

I had some visitors this year! Christina and Melissa visited me for a night. We went to Za’s a lot, went out to downtown Champaign, minigolfed, and swam in a pool. It was great spending time with them; it felt like college again! Uncle Paul, Aunt Carol, Sydney, Ray, my mom, Uncle John, and Grandpa visited me, too. Guess what we did? Minigolfed! I guess I do that a lot. It’s fun, though! We played games and hung out. I was happy they visited. 🙂

I tailgated with my brother and his friends before the SIU vs. U of I football game. I was the only U of I fan at the tailgate since they all went to SIU, but that’s ok! We basically drank and played bags all day. We also grilled some hot dogs and burgers, too. It was a fun day, especially since U of I won!! I started dating Scott this year, and it’s been great! We met up again at this tailgate. I’m happy. We’ve done a lot these past few months! We’ve been to a lot of nice restaurants, walked around a very confusing corn maze, went to the SIU vs. U of I basketball game with family (U of I won again), and lots more!

Halloween weekend was fun! We went out with work people to a martini bar in our costumes. Scott was Waldo and I was Lady Gaga. I wore my costume to work, too. It was probably one of the best costumes I’ve ever had! Good times.

Well, as you can see, I did a lot this year. Those are the good times of 2010. Let’s hope for a great 2011!!

Day 145: Candles

Rachel, Day by Day

Here’s one of the two wall candle holders on my kitchen wall. I really like them! And, I put them on the wall all by myself. The color I chose for my kitchen is blue, if you haven’t noticed by the candle holders. I wanted to get a darker photo so you could see the candles glowing. I think I did a pretty good job. I like the glow on the wall from the candles, too; it looks nice and calming. I guess in a way it looks a bit romantic, but I don’t really want to call it that since I’m by myself. That seems weird. Anyway, I hope this photo brings you calm and relaxation!

I’m tired of seeing the preview The Last Exorcism. I do not plan on seeing that. It didn’t freak me out at first, but now every time I see that commercial, I have to look away. You’d think it would be the other way around. Yes, I’m weird.

I had something strange happen to me last night when I was half asleep. I heard a click noise to my left side and felt a rush of air next to my left ear. I immediately opened my eyes, looked over, and saw nothing. It was a strange feeling and I did not go back to sleep right away. I don’t even know how to explain the rush of air. I hope that was just a one time thing!

Do you sometimes feel like you are numb toward everything going on around you? Like you don’t have any sort of feeling or emotion? I guess I’ve felt that lately. And then when I do feel something, it’s a big feeling. Sorry, this is very random. But it’s my blog, so I can write what I want!

Have a happy Monday night.