Day 783: Guster Concert

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 783: Guster Concert

Hello again! Back in April, I went to a Guster concert with my Uncle John and Scott. It was a great time! We went to the Riviera in Chicago to see them. The last time I went to one of their concerts was in 2007, so it’s been a while. They still sound awesome! It was cool being able to sing along with them. They really do sound amazing live. It was packed in there, too! They sang a lot of my old favorites and some of their newer music, too. We might have been the only three people in Guster t-shirts, but I don’t care. We have Guster pride! I hope they come back to Chicago soon… I’d go to another concert! They were pretty funny and told a few jokes between songs. Good times!

On our way home, we drove down Lake Shore Drive. It was a beautiful night to see the city! I love that road. I kept thinking about all the Cubs games I went to as a little kid and we’d drive home on Lake Shore at night. I loved looking out the window at the lights back then, and I still do now! Chicago is a beautiful city.

Speaking of Chicago, right now I’m proud of the Blackhawks and Cubs! And I’ll go knock on wood now.

Have a good evening!


Day 778: Christina’s Party

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 778: Christina's Party

Prom poses! From left to right: Brittany, Christina, me, and Melissa.

Why, hello there! I’m a bit behind, but a few weeks ago, I went to my friend Christina’s birthday party! She had people over at her house for some drinks, snacks, games, and fun. I had a GREAT time! A bunch of us played a board game called Encore and it was a blast. Essentially you get a random word on a card, and you have to think of songs with that word in it. It’s difficult at times, but fun! And it doesn’t help that I’m bad with lyrics occasionally. It was great chatting with everyone that I haven’t seen in a while. And I’m glad I got to catch up with these wonderful ladies in the photo above. I hope I get to see them more often!

It feels like spring is just around the corner… I love this time of year! The days slowly get longer and the snow starts to melt. The days get warmer, too. What could get any better than that??

Enjoy your Monday night.

Day 772: This Is Where I Relax!

Rachel, Day by Day

February 2015 Photo a Day: Day 23

Day 772: This Is Where I Relax!

My bed and my lovely stuffed animals.

So, this is where I relax: my bed. I tend to sit on my bed when listening to music, reading on my kindle, or doing things on my laptop. I feel relaxed and calm in this location. Plus, my stuffed animals keep me company! Maybe it’s more relaxing because I don’t have a TV in my room, either. I can just listen to music and type away. And then I go to sleep. Good times.

So, who watched the Oscars last night? I thought it was a good show overall and I enjoy watching it every year. Here are the worst and best moments of the Oscars, in my opinion!

1. Sean Penn presenting. He said: “Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?” I think he was hoping it would be a joke, but it wasn’t funny.
2. Matthew McConnaughey taking forever to announce the best actress Oscar (Julianne Moore won). I wonder if he did it on purpose.
3. Neil Patrick Harris’ Oscar predictions in the briefcase bit. It got old after a while.
4. John Travolta touching Idina Menzel’s face. I feel bad for her.
5. Some speeches were way too long, which is why the whole show went over 30 minutes.

1. Neil Patrick Harris’ opening song. I thought he was good host overall, too!
2. J.K. Simmon’s best supporting actor speech. Here’s part of it: “Call your mom, call your dad. If you’re lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, call them. Don’t text; don’t email. Call them on the phone and tell them you love them. And thank them and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you.” Click here for the whole speech.
3. Lady Gaga singing a medley of Sound of Music songs for its 50th anniversary. It was AMAZING and brought me to tears. Here’s a video I found of it:

4. Graham Moore’s (Imitation Game screenwriter) speech. Here is most of it: “When I was 16 years old, I tried to kill myself because I felt weird. And I felt different. And I felt like I did not belong. And now I’m standing here, and so I would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she’s weird or she’s different or she doesn’t fit in anywhere. Yes, you do. I promise you do. You do. Stay weird; stay different. And then when it’s your turn, and you are standing on this stage, please pass the same message.” Click here for his whole speech.
5. Eddie Redmayne winning best actor for The Theory of Everything. I like him!

So, those are my thoughts on the Oscars. And now I want to watch Sound of Music. Maybe I will sometime this week!

Day 771: An Act of Kindness

Rachel, Day by Day

February 2015 Photo a Day: Day 22

Day 771: An Act of Kindness

Scott cleaning.

I thought this was pretty kind of Scott; he is dusting our coffee table. How nice! I hate dusting and it annoys my allergies, so he dusted all of the tables this morning. What a good guy. And he’s even smiling while cleaning… maybe because I’m taking a photo of him. Thank you for dusting!

So, who’s going to watch the Oscars tonight? I’m currently watching the Red Carpet and I love it! So far I like Felicity Jones’ dress the most, but there’s more Red Carpet to come! I only saw one nominated movie (American Sniper), but I’m still interested to see who wins. We shall see!

Have a good evening!

Day 760: Mistake

Rachel, Day by Day

February 2015 Photo a Day: Day 11

Day 760: Mistake

A mistake I found while editing.

Hello there! Today’s picture had to be of a mistake. Since I’m an editor, I thought I’d show you a mistake I found today in an article. As you can see from the photo above, the word wed should have actually been used. So, I fixed it. I get slightly excited when I find mistakes in an article and I’m able to fix them. It’s a good feeling! I didn’t save the world or anything, but I saved that piece of writing! Yay for me.

When you hear a new song that you like, do you tend to play it over and over again until you get tired of it or find a new song? I do that all the time. Right now the song I’m listening to is Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. She has a sweet voice, and I just want to belt out the song sometimes. I’m obsessed with it right now. But, I wonder what song I’ll be obsessed with next week.

Guess what day it is? Hump day! I miss that camel commercial. Here it is in case you’d like to watch it right now:

Have a good night!

Day 757: Water

Rachel, Day by Day

February 2015 Photo a Day: Day 8

Day 757: Water

A Brita pitcher full of water.

For today’s picture in the photo challenge, it had to be water. Too bad I don’t live near the ocean! Since I don’t, here’s a pitcher full of water for you. I like using the Brita pitcher; it makes the water taste better sometimes. Mmmm, water is so nice and refreshing. What else can I say on this subject? Not much.

Last night, I went to my friend Graham’s surprise 40th birthday party! It was a fun time. I got to see friends I haven’t seen in a while, which is always great. For his birthday, we all chipped in and got him a CD for every year he was born. So he had 40 gifts to open! It was pretty cool. I got him a Hootie and the Blowfish CD from 1994. He really liked them! We had some good food and drinks at the party. The chocolate cake was delicious! And later we even had a pinata. Fun times! Here’s a photo collage for you:

Day 757: Water

Fun times with friends!

It was a fun party. Happy birthday to Graham!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Day 751: Favourite

Rachel, Day by Day

February 2015 Photo a Day: Day 2


My favorite snack!

Welcome to day 2 of the February challenge! For today’s photo, I was supposed to take a picture of one of my favorite things. I chose Goldfish crackers! Lately I’ve been obsessed with this snack and I eat them every day. So, it counts as my favorite snack. How did I stop eating these for so many years? They are delicious! I kind of feel like a kid while eating them since I ate them a lot when I was younger. Mmmm, I might have to go eat some right now.

Wow, so this snow has been a bit crazy! We got about 19 inches of it and my work office is closed today. We were shoveling, cleaning off cars, and snow blowing yesterday and this morning. I hope everyone has been safe on the roads!

So… how about that Super Bowl? The Patriots won, but the ending of the game was weird. The Seahawks seem like sore losers, but I don’t really like either teams. Oh well! Click here to see my favorite commercial, the Doritos one. I thought it was pretty funny. Many of the commercials this year were sad and emotional, though. I teared up at the car commercial with all the dads. And that one with the dead little boy? Ugh, I have to get that one out of my head.

I thought the halftime show with Katy Perry was great! I like her music. The crazy costumes and dancing sharks were awesome. And did anyone watch the Lip Sync Battle with Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, and Jimmy Fallon? It was amazing! Click here to see a video and read about it.

Enjoy this snowy day!

Day 708: Cracker Concert

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 708: Cracker Concert

It’s me again! At the end of July, Kate and Graham drove over and we all went to the Cracker concert in town! Here’s a photo of them above. It was a great concert! The four of us grabbed some dinner before heading out to listen to some awesome music. A man named Edward David Anderson opened for Cracker; he was really good! We sat in the balcony during the opening and then stood next to the stage for the main act. Here’s a dark photo of Kate, Graham, and Scott (it’s not the greatest since it’s from my phone):

Day 708: Cracker Concert

I don’t know too many songs by Cracker, but now I think they are great! Their most popular song is called Low; I actually know that one! It was cool being right next to the band. I had a great time! Now I want to go to more concerts.

I can’t believe the summer is pretty much over and it’s almost fall! Time is moving way too fast. August alone flew by. I guess time feels like it’s moving fast when you get to do a lot of fun things! This fall will definitely be busy, but amazingly fun! Yay!

Day 703: Jimmy Buffett Concert

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 703: Jimmy Buffett Concert

Back in June, I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert with Scott’s family and friends! (See the photo of Jimmy above.) It was a fun and crazy experience. We tailgated before the concert in the giant parking lot; there was a lot of food and drinks! A lot of his fans dress in crazy outfits and definitely drink a lot! We ate some good food and hung out for a while. It actually rained pretty hard for maybe 5 to 10 minutes, so we sat in the car for a bit. At least it didn’t happen during the concert! Here’s a group photo for you:

Day 703: Jimmy Buffett Concert

You can even see the crazy storm clouds in the background. We had lawn seats for the concert, which was pretty cool. People were standing, drinking, and singing along to his songs while hitting beach balls around. It was packed! I sort of wish I knew more of his songs; I think I was the only one not singing along! I definitely knew Margaritaville and Fins, though. And he sang Brown Eyed Girl! So I knew 3 out of 1,000,000. (That number might be an exaggeration.) The concert was a birthday present for Scott’s dad Jeff, so I hope he had a good time. I did!

Have a good evening!

Day 683: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 683: St. Patrick's Day Parade

Yay for parades! Boo, snow. Here’s a photo from the Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It was freezing, so we didn’t stay very long. Everything I saw was nice, though! There were some cool floats and things. Here’s some awesome bagpipers for you. I love the sound of bagpipes for some reason. Maybe I should learn to play one! Scott caught some beads, which was awesome. Here’s a photo of Scott and my mom looking cold:

Day 683: St. Patrick's Day ParadeBrr! After the parade, we headed over to my family friend’s house for some food, drinks, and St. Patrick’s Day fun. They have a really nice bar in their basement and throw a party every year. It was great seeing them! I definitely ate too much. We even had some St. Patrick’s Day trivia! It was a good time. Here’s another photo from the parade: Tommy Hawk!

Day 683: St. Patrick's Day ParadeIt looks like he’s staring right at me! I didn’t notice that before. He stands on that car the entire parade; I’d be scared to do that.

In other news, my friend Anne visited this month from Minnesota! We went out for Mexican food and drinks together while she visited. We tried taking a selfie of both of us, but it didn’t turn out too well. We got a bit too close to the camera. Here’s our giant heads:

Day 683: St. Patrick's Day ParadeIt was great seeing her! We also listened to my friend’s new band practice; they are called Again Is Already. You should like their Facebook page! Here it is:

Let’s see… what else have I been up to lately? My friends and I got together this month to watch Thor 2: The Dark World. I love this movie, especially because Tom Hiddleston is awesome as Loki. Before watching the movie, Scott and I went to Sushi Kame for some… well, I think you know. Sushi! Here’s a photo of our awesome boat:

Day 683: St. Patrick's Day ParadeYum! I guess March has been a busy and fun month. We’ve had some great movie nights with Mickey, too. I’m so glad it’s getting warmer outside!

More fun posts to come. 🙂