Day 13: Twisted Tree

Rachel, Day by Day

How does a tree get like this? I thought this was pretty cool. It looks like it is very tired from standing straight it’s whole life and couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m starting to feel bad for it. Actually, it kind of looks like the one closer to the ground is really sick, and the one above it is concerned and is trying to help out. If only I could help. I’m not strong enough, though. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tree like this before. It looks neat!

In other news, Conan O’Brien is taking George Lopez’s spot on TBS! I’m very happy about that. I keep half watching George Lopez just to have the TV on, and I still don’t think he’s funny. He’ll still be on TBS, but will be pushed back an hour for Conan. I’ll definitely watch Conan! Good job, TBS.

Ok, I really don’t understand technology apparently. Well, I know enough to get by. What exactly is bluetooth? I just thought it was the little earpiece people put in their ears to talk on their phones in the car or when they want their hands free. I apparently need a new GPS since mine is out of date (yeah, I’m very annoyed about that), and I found one on amazon with bluetooth capability. WHAT?! I’m so confused.

Happy Tuesday! And when I say that, I mean Happy Glee night!! Don’t forget to watch at 8:28 p.m.


2 thoughts on “Day 13: Twisted Tree

  1. How does your GPS go out of date? But, yes, that’s a cool tree – I like that they’re propping it up!

    Also, yes, SO EXCITED about Conan on TBS – because if he takes Lopez’s spot, that means it’ll air at…9:00 here? At any rate, I’ll get to watch a bit of him. 😀

  2. Apparently the model of my GPS is older and the Web site said there are no updates for it anymore. My only option is to do their exchange program. I can send in my GPS and get their newer model for $89 when it’s originally $300. I guess that’s a pretty good deal, but I’m still annoyed! I might look up other GPS companys, though.

    Hmm I think George Lopez is on at 10, because I always think I should be going to bed when he’s on! So, maybe Conan will be on at 10? I wish it was a bit earlier!

    See you soon!!!

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