Day 81: Llama

Rachel, Day by Day

Doesn’t this look like a happy, relaxed llama? He (or she) is cute! Once I saw this llama, I immediately thought of the Llama Song. Click here to view the video and listen to the very random song. My roomies and I listened to this a lot during college and thought it was hilarious. I haven’t listen to it in years! It brings me back. Anyway, this picture is from White Fence Farm, a restaurant in Romeoville, IL. They have yummy fried chicken and sides, including bean salad, coleslaw, pickled beets, cottage cheese, and corn fritters. The corn fritters were especially delicious! My whole family and I went there today for Father’s Day. I think my grandpa was happy we were all together. I bought him a mouse pad that has a picture of him, Ray, and me on it when we were little. It says We Love Grandpa at the bottom. I think he liked it! He’s the best grandpa anyone could ask for. 🙂

No matter how many years it’s been, Father’s Day is still hard.

Well, I’m back in Champaign. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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