Day 175: Bacardi

Rachel, Day by Day

Here’s a billboard I saw today for Bacardi Torched Cherry. I was wondering if there’s just Bacardi Cherry, but I can’t seem to find it on the internet. Plus, I didn’t look for very long. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve tried cherry flavored rum before. When mixed with coke, would it taste like a cherry coke?? That could be good… I might have to try this Torched Cherry at some point. Apparently the torched part means the drink is infused with torched plant aloe. I wonder how it makes the cherry taste different… anybody know? Who wants to try it with me?? I always have liked cherry coke; I just don’t drink it that often. By the way, the plant on the billboard looks alive and it creeps me out a bit! It makes the drink more mysterious, though. Good job, Bacardi.

So, I watched Glee last night with Anne and Liz. It wasn’t my favorite episode, mainly because people were mean to the new football coach, Miss Beastie. Rachel was acting crazy again, which annoyed me just a bit. I hope she lightens up! Quinn is back on the cheerleading squad, and I’m hoping she doesn’t ignore Mercedes after their new-found friendship. Artie and Tina are broken up, which was a bit random, so we’ll see if they can eventually make it work. I am more excited about the Britney Spears episode next week than I thought I would be!

What a great week for new TV! Modern Family and Cougar Town are on tonight!


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