Day 449: Day in Chicago

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello again! Scott and I spent most of the day today in Chicago. I think we are going to make this an annual Christmastime event. It wasn’t the greatest of days (foggy, rainy, and cold), but it’s always fun spending time in Chicago! We went to Eleven City Diner for lunch (see above photo) and it was really good. I ate a turkey melt and fries, and it was delicious. I love the atmosphere of this diner; it’s old-fashioned, but still modern at the same time. I like how you can try old sodas and root beer floats. We need more diners like this! But, that’s what makes this place one of a kind. Yum!

I will say there was one event that freaked me out a bit. I had a random bloody nose while at the diner and it was pretty bad. It must have been dry in there or something. I was able to stop it, but I was nervous the rest of the day. But, it never came back! Scott and I then went to the Planetarium. He’s never been there and it’s been a few years for me. It was cool walking around and seeing all the exhibits, especially the NASA space shuttle section. We saw a show called Night Sky Live! which was pretty awesome. Our chairs leaned back so we could see the stars on the screen above us. Those chairs were VERY comfortable, and I accidentally closed my eyes for a section. It was really interesting! Here’s a cool photo I took outside of the Planetarium:

The rest of my week has been good! I worked from Normal on Tuesday and Wednesday, so after work, I got to spend a lot of time with Scott’s family. On Thursday, we got together with our friends, the Sciortinos, and had our own little Christmas! We’ve been doing this since I was little and it’s a lot of fun. That was my last Christmas get together of the season. I love Christmas, but I am tired of all the food! I’m actually looking forward to eating less soon. Starting on January 2nd!

New Years Eve is tomorrow!! Do you have any plans? I’ll write about my night in 2012. Weird, huh? And stay tuned for the photography challenge sometime in January!


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