Day 742: Cuba

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 742: Cuba

Photo of Cuba my dad took in 1999.

I’m sure many of you have heard about Obama’s plan to lift restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba. I’ve heard of many people not liking this idea, including Miami Cubans and some Republicans. Are you ready for my opinion? I think this new development is GREAT.

I honestly have no clue how many people read my blog and if you already know me pretty well, but here’s a bit of some information about me. I am 25% Cuban. I know it’s not much, and my skin is as white as a ghost, but I guess it’s something. When I tell people I’m part Cuban, I usually hear a laugh or see a shocked look. My dad was born in Cuba and he definitely looked Cuban. Here’s a photo of him below to prove it.

Day 742: Cuba

My dad in his class photo a year after he came from Cuba.

Anyway, I know my opinion doesn’t matter in the long run, and maybe Cubans shouldn’t care about my opinion since I’m only at 25% and I don’t speak Spanish fluently, but I’m giving it anyway! I really liked hearing my dad’s stories in Cuba and I wish he told me more before he passed away.

Back to the U.S. and Cuba news. The U.S. hasn’t had a good relationship with Cuba for decades now (has it really been 54 years?), and I never understood why it had to be this way for so long. Can’t we ever let bygones be bygones? It’s time to let go of the past, and I’m glad Obama was able to figure this out. This means there will be regulations to ease agricultural exports and establish banking relations. Restrictions on certain goods and services will be more relaxed. Tourism will be great and much easier for U.S. and Cuba. Can you imagine taking a direct flight there? That would be amazing! Not only will this be great for U.S. citizens, this will also help out those from Cuba as well. How is this not a win-win situation?

On a more personal note, Cuba has been my #1 place to visit for as long as I can remember. I remember writing that down on a project in middle school, which was about 15 or 16 years ago. My dad, his parents, and his siblings grew up there, and we still have some family there today. I don’t know who they are or how I’m related, but it would still be great to meet them someday. Also, there were two places my dad and I always talked about going together: Spain and Cuba. I went to Spain in 2003 a year after he died, in his honor. It was an amazing trip and I thought of him the entire time. Now, I want to finally head over to Cuba for him, and this dream might be coming true sooner than I expected. Click here to see what we should do in Cuba! Thank you, Obama.

So, those are my thoughts on this new development. Hope you enjoyed reading this!


2 thoughts on “Day 742: Cuba

  1. Well said, Rachel! The world is a much different place than it was 54 years ago. On a different note, I wish I had been able to meet your Dad. It is clear that he was a tremendous influence on your life contributed greatly to the beautiful, kind, smart, proud Cuban woman that you have become.

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