Day 84: Stained Glass Window/Tree

Rachel, Day by Day

This is a strange photo, but I kind of liked it. I took a picture of stained glass windows on a church, but I got the reflection of a tree, too! So, you get to see two in one photo! Next time I’ll try to get a photo of just the stained glass windows. I always thought they were beautiful. I can stare at them for a while at my church up north. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have windows like this in your whole house?? I guess it would be a little strange, though. Speaking of church, maybe I should finally find a church to go to in Champaign. I only go to church when I’m up north. I’ll do some research on that.

Yikes, it’s hot today! And I want to clean my apartment; I’ll probably get gross right away. Well, sorry this is short, but I’m going to be productive now!


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