Day 103: Dinner for Schmucks

Rachel, Day by Day

Guess where I went after work? The movie theater! I saw this GIANT cardboard poster of the movie Dinner for Schmucks coming out at the end of July. I do love Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, so I might be interested in seeing this. Steve Carell looks pretty funny and a little creepy in this poster, too. I guess this is about Paul Rudd, a rising executive, bringing Steve Carell to a “dinner for idiots.” I’ve never actually heard of anything like this, but I guess whoever brings the dumbest guest wins. I’m not sure what the person wins, but I guess you’ll have to see the movie to find out! I also noticed that Zach Galifianakis is in it, so that could make it even better!

Want to know my reason for going to the movie theater? Because it wasn’t just to see this GIANT cardboard poster. I saw Toy Story 3. I decided to save some money and see it in 2D instead of 3D. Plus, I’m not that sure if I’m a big fan of 3D movies anyway. I think it used to freak me out when I was younger. Like someone could grab me and pull me into the movie. That sounds scary to me. Anyway, I like the movie! It was very cute. Andy is all grown up and doesn’t play with his toys much anymore, so the toys are trying to figure out what the future holds for them (an ant; only my family will understand that). I guess the options are the trash, go to college with Andy, go to a daycare, or go to the attic. You’ll have to see it to find out what happens!  The movie makes me want to pull out all of my old toys and play with them. I feel bad for them now. Ken was pretty funny in this movie. The toys come up with lots of clever plans to get out of certain situations. For example, (do not read on if you don’t want to hear details) Mr. Potato Head can’t get to his body, so he temporarily uses a tortilla instead. It was hilarious. Yes, you should go see this.

This is going to make me sound weird, but as I was in the movie theater lobby about to buy my ticket, I looked out the window and saw the car my mom drives. For a second I thought “Oh my gosh; my mom and brother are here!” And I got really excited. Then, I came back to life and remembered that they wouldn’t know I was at the theater and they live far away. Sadness. 😦

Monday is over!


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