Day 192: Witch

Rachel, Day by Day

Here’s more Halloween/autumn decorations for you! My mom bought this awesome witch during our weekend in Michigan. It reminds me of the witched witch from The Wizard of Oz. I guess the black cat in her basket doesn’t make sense with the movie, but it makes sense for Halloween! The wheels on her bike spin, and she spins when there’s wind, too. I think this is called a wind spinner? It would make sense I guess. I like the fall colors (green, orange, purple). I definitely think this is a cool decoration. I want one, but I don’t have a lawn to put it on! That’s the sad part of living in an apartment I guess.

I spent the day hanging out with my mom, brother, grandpa, and uncle! It was nice spending time with them. We went out to dinner for my brother’s birthday this coming Wednesday, too. I definitely ate too much this weekend! We then watched the Blackhawks, and sadly they lost. But, they did raise the 2010 Stanley Cup banner and that was cool. It was a fun night!


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