Day 353: Sun Singer

Rachel, Day by Day

Scott and I went to Sun Singer for lunch today, which is a gourmet deli and wine bar. Click here to see their website. We both really liked it! I always like trying new places to go and eat, and we’ve never been here before. I’ve driven past in many times and have been curious about it. As you can see from these photos, there’s a nice bar (photo 1) with a TV in the corner that isn’t pictured. We were able to watch some basketball. I like the lights above the bar; they are very nice and pretty. I like this second photo because it shows everything else this place offers. There’s a regular deli you can see in the back left, the restaurant/cafe area with the table in the front of the photo, and a wine and spirits shop to the right. This place has everything!

The sandwich I ate here was delicious. I had a turkey sandwich with melted cheese and some veggies inside. It was toasted, too. Mmmm, I love toasted sandwiches. Sorry if I talk about food too much in my blog, but this was good. You also get a choice of many sides, so I had coleslaw. Scott ate an Italian beef sandwich. I also had a glass of their blush house wine, and it was really good. I didn’t really want a drink, but felt obligated to try one little glass since it is a wine bar. I definitely recommend this place if you’d like to try a new place to eat! It’s a cute, little place.

Scott and I are going to a St. Patrick’s Day party tonight at a friend’s place. I’m excited! It should be fun. I’ll definitely wear green tonight!


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