Day 538: Sunflare (Challenge Day 23)

Rachel, Day by Day

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 23

I love this photo!! Sunflares are so cool. In case you don’t know, the streaks of light underneath the sun makes a sunflare. It makes the sun look really even more beautiful. This might sound odd, but this is how I imagine it to look when you go to heaven, but a lot more streaks of light. Basically how it looks in the movie Ghost. I took a photo a few years ago of a sunflare coming through the clouds; that was an awesome photo. I’m pretty sure I took it on the road trip to California with Brittany, Christina, and Melissa! Good times. I should go look for that photo. Anyway, I’ve always loved this effect.

The season finale of Revenge was on Wednesday! I can’t believe everything that happened only in the first season! I was a little disappointed in Emily this episode; she seemed to go off of her revenge course and followed her heart. It’s too early in the show for that! And now that she broke up with Daniel, how will she be able to get in the Grayson household?? Uggg. I really want to know what’s going to happen next season! And now we have to wait all through the summer. Nolan is still my favorite person on the show. I loved it when he told Emily not to do anything “revengey” until he got there. He’s so funny.

I think I am a bit happy that TV shows are ending for the season. I have a hard time keeping up with them after a while! It’ll be nice to take a little break. I had a great time watching Revenge, though; I invited my fellow Revenge friends over and we watched the show, drank some beer, ate some snacks, and talked about the show. I wish we did that every week!


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