Day 660: Double Take Uncles and Me

Rachel, Day by Day

Double Take

Day 660: Double Take Uncles and Me

Photo on left: Taken December 25, 1991.
Photo on right: Taken December 25, 2007.

Hello again! Time for another double take. For the photo on the left, this was at my grandpa’s house on Christmas day in 1991. My Uncle Pat is on the left, Uncle John is on the right, and they are holding me up in the middle. I actually remember this moment; I was only 5 years old. I felt so tall being that high! I’m not sure why they decided to lift me up, but that’s ok! I probably loved it at the time. Dang, I miss my childhood. It was so great. I miss my Uncle Pat, too. A LOT.

For the photo on the right, Uncle Pat and Uncle John are switched, but we are at my grandpa’s house on Christmas 16 years later. You can even see the same wallpaper in both photos! This was taken in 2007; I can’t believe that was 7 years ago now. My uncles definitely couldn’t lift me up anymore! I look a lot different after 16 years, but they pretty much look the same. They aren’t wearing their awesome Christmas sweaters, though! I loved and still love being at my grandparent’s house around Christmas. It’s always been a nice, warm, loving feeling.

Speaking of Christmas, we put our tree up last night! Is that too early? If you say yes, I don’t care! I’m in the holiday spirit already! Exclamation points everywhere!!!

Goodnight, everyone!


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