Day 200: Blackhawks Cake

Rachel, Day by Day

Isn’t this awesome?? A woman from my brother’s work made this for his birthday. She did an amazing job!! Sometimes I wish I could be an awesome cake decorator. The Blackhawk emblem is so detailed; she even put in all the different colors! We are probably going to eat this today, and that will be a little sad. At least I got this photo before it disappears!

I can’t believe it; today is day 200!!!! Only 165 more days to go! I’m doing a lot better with this than I thought I would. Some people thought I’d get bored and stop after a month, but no! Hopefully I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once this is over. I guess I do now and it’s only been 200 days.

Well, time to watch the Bears and hang out with family!


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